Louis Palmer

    Tour Director and initiator


    Louis Palmer is an environmental adventurer, motivational speaker and he is the first person to circumnavigate the planet in a solar powered vehicle, known as the Solartaxi. With his powerful
    message, that change to sustainable mobility is possible with renewable energies, he reached the attention of an estimated 770 million people worldwide. Following the success of the Solartaxi,
    he initiated the ZERO Race, the first race for electric cars around the world in 80 days. Now he is the initiator and tour director of the WAVE.

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    Luc Perraudin Tour Coordinator Since 1989, starting with the founding of Stuttgart Solar and numerous initiatives around solar electric vehicles, Luc Perraudin has been involved in the introduction of alternative andsustainable mobility to the market, with focus on solar electric mobility (since 1999 numerous studies, trade show planning and coordination, and facilitating international conferences, forums and promotional events ). Luc Perraudin's enthusiasm for renewable energy had already started with the oil crisis in 1973/74.
    Luc Perraudin supports the WAVE as a consultant and as a tour coordinator. For any specific organisational request please contact him:

    lucperraudinwave at