1.) We have an economical crisis. 17.4 million people are desperately looking for a job in the Eurozone, (date: 2. May 2012, read more on BBC),

2.) We have a climate crisis. The level of CO2 has recently risen to 400 ppm. It’s a steady, rapidly growing curve that started to grow together with industrialization in 1850, when the level was 250 ppm. The consequences will come sooner or later. (date: 1. June 2012, read more on AP)

3.) We have an energy crisis. Nuclear power plants are causing a safety issue, and our fossil resources are shrinking. Oil prices are reaching record highs.

There are more than enough reasons to shift our economy to a green economy. With mass production of electric cars and investments into renewable energies, we can achieve:

- economical growth and create 60 millions jobs worldwide (according to a study by UNEP and ILO),

- stable climate and peace,

- energy independence and security and again: economical growth!

With the WAVE, we want to show that new, green technical solutions are ready, reliable and fun!

Our message:

- every country must have at least one geothermal power plant

- every city must have at least one wind power plant

- every house must have a solar power installation

- every car must be powered by an electric motor and renewable energy

- every citizen must know about the chances that a green economy is offering


Be part of the WAVE. Let's move the world!